Old School Days


The year is 2075. Billy and Becky, two typical eleven-year-olds, are staying over at their grandparents’ ‘pod’, in the sheltered sector. Like all doting grandparents the old folks are keen to keep abreast of their grandchildren’s progress, and to gain an insight into their experiences of primary school – or ‘System A’ as it is now known! Billy and Becky are also eager to learn of Grandma and Grandpa’s antics as they approached their teenage years, all those years ago. (song – Old School Days)

As the evening’s conversation wears on it becomes apparent that these children from the latter half of the 21st century are really no different to those who were leaving primary school back in the ‘good old days’. Equally apparent is that some experiences of primary school span generations, and the truly noteworthy ones always involve larger-than-life characters and funny situations. Through a series of flashbacks, in the form of sketches and songs, we get an entertaining (if tongue-in-cheek) glimpse of the universal trials and tribulations involved in simply being young and going to school.

For example, is it fair that teachers get to eat chocolate biscuits at break-time, while children make do with bits of fruit? (song – Teachers Have It Easy) How can mums be made to understand that, now their children are getting older, they must not, under any circumstances, try to hold their hand on the way to school? (song – A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.) Does experimenting with makeup and hair-gel really improve ones appearance, especially when the skills of applying them haven’t quite been mastered yet? (song – A Touch Of Lipstick) Will anyone ever develop a truly effective cure for a dose of nits? (song – The Nits Blues) What’s the best way to get good SATs results without piling the pressure on? (song – It’s Nearly Time To Take Your SATs) Who suffers most at parental consultations, and why do teachers choose to be ‘economical’ with the truth? (song – Parental Consultation Evening) And who can forget desperately wanting to be grown-up, but having the feeling that maybe this is the best time of ones life, and every moment should be cherished? (song – One Day At A Time).


Please follow the link for the  video of the production and share it with friends and family who were unable to make the performance.