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A recount of Carlton Lodge:



On Monday 6th of May 2022, classes 4 and 5 left to go on our residential trip. The time we left was about quarter to 10 in the morning. After a while of being on the bus we stopped off at Helmsley to stretch our legs and go to the toilet. It took about an hour and a half in total to get to Carlton Lodge.

At lunchtime we arrived at Carlton Lodge, we went straight into the dining hall to have our packed lunch. After our lunch we took our bags upstairs and found out what rooms we were in. Most of the year 6’s were in the bunk house with 3 people in each room. The year 5’s and other 2 year 6’s were in the sports hall. All the year 5 girls were in the same room, all the year 5 boys were in the same room and the other 2 year 6’s were in the same room.

Group 1’s first activities were bushcraft and problem-solving. Bushcraft is making fires, dens, eating bugs and toasting marshmallows. Problem-solving is where you are given challenges and you have to solve them. Groups 2 and 3’s first activities were water sports (raft building and canoeing). Raft building is where you build a raft with your team and have to try and navigate around the lake. In canoeing you have to paddle across the lake. We played a game like Bench Ball and a game called Fetch which is where the instructors throw rubber ducks into the lake and we had to collect them. Groups 4 and 5’s first activities were the high ropes, in the high ropes there were bridges; the first bridge was going across a rope with another rope above, the second bridge is like stepping stones -  it is planks of wood spaced out and you have to get across it. The final bridge is logs across the top and you have to try and walk across them. The second bit is the zip wire, you had to climb a very high pole and when you got to the top you were fastened onto more ropes and got to whizz down the zip line. The final section was the leap of faith you had to climb a very tall pole, when you got to the top you had to unclip one of the ropes, then you went to the end and jumped off into the air and tried to a hanging red ball.

Later we all played outside until dinner. After dinner we had our final activity of the day which was a night walk (everyone did this). We went all around Carlton Miniott -it was about 2 and a half miles and it took an hour and a half. Finally, we had a hot chocolate and biscuits. That night it was lights out at 22:00.

The next morning most people were awake at 7:00 we all went for breakfast at 8:00. The other days all the group’s activities were High Ropes, Bush Craft, problem-solving, water sports and a scavenger hunt. In the scavenger hunt you went round in groups of 3’s and 4’s going around the whole lodge looking for answers to questions you were given.

On Wednesday we did were archery, and a challenge course. In the archery we played lots of games and in the challenge course you went round a low ropes course with a partner taking turns being blindfolded and spotted by your partner.

 That lunchtime we had a picnic outside, then we packed all the bags on the coach and finally set off home. We got back to school at about 15:00 and if our parents were able to collect us, we went home early.

 By Annie R & Millie S.          


Carlton Lodge 2022


Dear parents the children are having a fantastic time, here are a few  photos, more will be added when we get back to school.



Carlton Lodge was the Year 5 and Year 6 residential trip from Monday the 6th of June until Wednesday the 8th of June. We left school at 9:40 and arrived at lunchtime. Get ready to know what we did during our exciting trip!


Firstly, everyone got on the bus to Carlton Lodge. The bus journey was around one and a half hours long. We stopped at Helmsley for a loo break, then we carried on the journey.

When we arrived we went into our dining hall and we had lunch (we were all hungry). After we had our lunch we took our bags upstairs and everyone found out where they were sleeping. Year 5 was in the sports building with a few Year 6 boys, and Year 6 was in the bunkhouse. Their rooms were smaller than the Year 5 rooms.


Raft building and canoeing.

In raft building we had to make a raft to fit 10 people on. We had to go around the lake without falling off or the raft breaking - a couple of people fell off when we did a game called head, shoulders, knees, and jump! It was quite hard because we had to jump high and not fall off! In canoeing we had to paddle across the whole lake and on the way we had some challenges which were easy for some, but harder for others. In one of the challenges Mrs Dean, Meredith and Harry H fell into the lake because they crashed into the trees!

Next was the High ropes course and zip line. While doing High ropes you had to climb up a ladder, and then onto a pole with wooden pegs to get to the high platform. You had to unclip yourself to jump off the platform and try to hit an orange ball, this was called, The Leap of Faith. Another part of high ropes was bridges. In the bridge course we had to climb up a ladder and grab a pole with pegs on, then reach out and grab a rope with a rope under it to put our feet on and walk across it. At the other side was a pole with more pegs. By then some had got too scared and had come down. Most kept going higher and higher. On the next level there was a bridge with big gaps in between each one, this one was difficult. At the very top were two poles that were wobbly and you had to walk across to the middle and you could either slide off the edge or go upside down and hang by your legs then drop off. (Mrs Dean did this).

Also to do with High Ropes was the zip line, you start off the same as the others by climbing up a ladder onto a pole with pegs on and climbing it to get to the top and get on a platform (where the instructor was standing). Then, the instructor would strap you in and make sure it was secure. They would tell you to look after some rope so your safety then they will tell you to jump off the edge then go down the wire. It was scary, but very exciting! After going down the other instructor would unstrap you and tell you to take the long rope back to the platform.

Another activity was archery, in archery you had three arrows and one bow. You had to stand behind a plank of wood and shoot all three of your arrows. After doing this a few times we played games like: where to go on holiday; how much money we got to take; who we went with and what transport. Another game was exterminator, in exterminator you had one arrow and if you hit the board you got to stay in but if you missed you were out, and it kept on going until it was the last one standing.

Then it was bushcraft, in bushcraft you had to make a den with thick sticks and whatever you could find on the floor. And then the instructor poured water over our heads to see if it was a waterproof den or not, and obviously it was not because there were lots of gaps in between all of the sticks and everyone got soaked! Then to make up for being soaked the instructors helped us make a warm toasty fire and we had toasted marshmallows!!

Challenge Course, in the challenge course we had to climb over things, under things, on top of things, through things and we all got really dirty. Then we did a kind of hide and seek and each round you had to get closer to the seeker but the seekers were standing still. Another game we did in the challenge course was where you had a partner who was  blindfolded and the other had to guide the blindfolded person through all the obstacles then swap over.


We also did problem-solving, in problem solving you went round the lake (the same lake you do water sports in) and you solved problems like: equalling out everyone on a giant weighing scale, finding a path through pretend quicksand, moving a tyre pyramid but you could only move one tyre at a time and they had to end up in the same order.

We also did a Scavenger hunt and night walk. On the night walk we walked to the Carlton Miniott churchyard to see Harry Potter’s gravestone. Also on the walk we ate nettles, and the rest of the walk was walking around fields. On the second night was the scavenger hunt and we had to get into groups of three or four, and have a sheet with questions on and we had to find the answers. When we finished all the questions on that paper we went to the instructors and tell them the answers if they were wrong we had to keep finding the answers and if they were right we got a new sheet.


And that was the end of our trip. We all had a great time it was amazing!

By Phoebe B and Fleur D