Earth Day and Wild Flower Cross 2023

On Saturday 22nd April over 25 people from Kilham CE Primary School and members of the local All Saints Church community came to school on a dreary morning to help the school celebrate Earth Day 2023. Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement which challenges individuals and governments to invest in our planet and consider a sustainable future. As part of Earth Day parents and children helped to dig out a large outdoor cross that was then scattered with a range of wildflower seeds donated by Hurrells and McLean Seeds Ltd in Cranswick. This was part of the school's vision to make areas of the school field – no cut areas – where wildflowers and insects will thrive.

The school community also spent time planting over 40 trees in Zerny’s wood. These new trees were added to over 60 trees that have been previously planted by the school's gardening club. The long-term vision for this area is that the school will have its own wood which will help the planet, can be used for educational reasons, shade in the summer and for the children to use for play and den building activities.

Once the team completed the wildflower cross it was blessed by Reverend Steve Cox and Reverend Glynn Owen before the group retired to the school hall for a well-earned bacon sandwich.


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