Pupil Premium Funding Information

This section of the school website is designed to meet the statutory requirements for displaying information in respect of the school's pupil allocation of the Pupil Premium Grant ('the pupil premium allocation'). Please get in touch if you require any further clarification or information.

 For the previous academic year (2015-2016)

    1. How was the pupil premium allocation spent?
    2. What was the impact of that expenditure on eligible and other pupils?


Please see the document below for the school plan showing the use and desired outcomes for the Pupil Premium allocation for 2015-16. The document following that shows the impact of those measures on eligible pupils and end of key stage outcomes.

Please see the document below for a summary of the school's strategy in respect of the pupil premium allocation for the current academic year, 2016-17.

School's Strategy:

The school will measure the impact and effect of its expenditure of the pupil premium allocation in April 2017, which will also be the date of the school's next review of its pupil premium strategy.

There are a number of  main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils of the school. These can include access to resources, such as ICT equipment, internet access etc. as well as other, cognitive and learning issues. This does help us to decide on our approach - access to ICT and electronic resources - through staffing and equipment, are used to accelerate progress for pupils. An important factor is also the ability of the school to provide extra intervention support through the provision of smaller class sizes and teaching & learning support assistants. As can be seen above in the progress summary document, progress of eligible pupils in all key stages is generally in-line with or better than that of non-pupil premium eligible pupils.

As a school we are continually striving to improve outcomes for all our children.