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"Encourage one another and build each other up." (Thessalonians 5.11)

Homework for Extended learning phase 2 after Easter

Dear Parents following the latest COVID 19 update from the government yesterday, it has been confirmed that the current lock down situation will continue to be in place for the next three weeks before the government review the five conditions that they have set in place before they even begin to consider easing lock down measures.  These pages will be updated regularly with the latest support and guidance for parents to support their children with some form of learning at home.

These pages will include generic materials and specific ideas put together by the staff at Kilham School. Please remember to contact your child's classteacher on their class e-mail (see below) and share any activities you have been involved in via the school's twitter 

Take some pictures on your phone and add a short comment then tweet it to us at @KilhamCEPrimary

Your child’s new e-mail contact address is


Your child’s new e-mail contact address is


Your child’s new e-mail contact address is


Your child’s new e-mail contact address is


Your child’s new e-mail contact address is


THE EVIL PEA:     EYFS creative writing  and art project from Miss Brown

 evil pea in our classroom pdf.pdfDownload
 letter from Supertato pdf.pdfDownload
 letter to parents pdf.pdfDownload
 Supertato art ideas pdf.pdfDownload
 Writing structure ideas pdf.pdfDownload
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Creative writing and art project - Bubbles  Year 1 and 2:         Dreamgiver Year 3,4,5 and 6.

 Creative Art letter second challenge copy.pdfDownload
 Creative Writing letter second challenge.pdfDownload
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Class Teacher Letters - 8th May 2020

 5-8th Letter from Mrs D.pdfDownload
 Class 2 letter LD.pdfDownload
 class 3 work letter may 6th LF.docx.pdfDownload
 HB class 1 letter.pdfDownload
 letter 3 class 4 ND.pdfDownload
 Letter home to children 3 LH.pdfDownload
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Class teacher video - please enjoy your class video - if you'd like to send a video back to your class e-mail or write a letter to your teacher they would love to hear how you have been doing.

Class 4 Mrs Dean video Friday 15th May 2020

free Twinkl resources

follow this weblink and then sign up to access all of the twinkl resources for a month. You will need this offer code - PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

BBC Daily lessons are here!

School shut? We’re bringing you three new lessons every weekday, with videos, activities and more.

Kilham School creative writing and dragon art project.

Join in our dragon art project - click on the file - dragon art project.pdf  below to find out what you need to do and how you can join in.

As a school, I would like to set a whole-school writing challenge for the children, please click on the creative writing letter below for more details.

A giant Easter egg will be the prize for the best finished story for each class. The finished stories should be e-mailed to the class e-mails or posted to school.

The Dragon Slayer – has been allocated to the children via Wordsmith

or watch on YouTube

In a time when dragons threatened mankind, there was only one man who fought against them all. His name was Tarragon and riding on his brave battle horse Black Bull, he was on his way to work. But things don't always turn out as they should…and one day.

 Creative Writing letter.pdfDownload
 Dragon Art project.pdfDownload
 Dragon description ideas.pdfDownload
 Dragon language.pdfDownload
 dragons illustrations 1.pdfDownload
 Dragons Lesson 2.pdfDownload
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Reading resources for each class

 Reading List Class 1.docx.pdfDownload
 Reading List Class 2.pdfDownload
 Reading List Class 3.pdfDownload
 Reading List Class 4.pdfDownload
 Reading List Class 5.pdfDownload
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EYFS ideas for literacy, numeracy and phonics

 Literacy ideas for nursery and reception.docxDownload
 Maths ideas for nursery and reception.docxDownload
 nursery and reception adding sheet.docxDownload
 Nursery and Reception signs of spring sheet.pdfDownload
 nursery and reception spring weather sheet.docxDownload
 nursery and reception taking away game.pdfDownload
 Nursery initial sounds worksheet.docxDownload
 Nursery silly soup rhyming worksheet.docxDownload
 Phonics ideas for nursery and reception.docxDownload
 reception activity phoneme colouring.docxDownload
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