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Do You Remember The First Time Y6 production

On Monday our Y6 class performed their play “Do You Remember The First Time” to the rest of the school, and then to their parents in the evening. The play was about four nervous candidates who were waiting to be interviewed for their first-ever job! As they sat in a state of agitation they began talking to each other about life before they entered the big, bad world; reminiscing about the safety and security of being young and going to school. As they recalled many of the ‘first times’ that school provided, it soon became clear that perhaps it wasn’t the plain-sailing, easy life they at first remembered it to be!

During the play our Year 6 children thought about the challenges of learning to tell the time– the frustration, the confusion, the pain…and that was just how the teacher felt! Then the play talked about children having to be sent to the head! What horrors lay in wait behind the door for a group of little ones who’d been sent from the classroom in disgrace? Are the tales of canes, trap doors and slippers, told to them by parents and grandparents, real or just folklore from a dark and distant past? The play also looked at the glory of the egg-and-spoon race and finally how our primary school gives us another first – our first real goodbye. Leaving at the end of year 6 introduces us to new feelings and new expectations. Life seems to be getting more serious, but at the same time more exciting.

I know from feedback, that many parents felt really proud of the wonderful singing, great acting and the sense of fun and humour that ran through the play. Well done Year 6 – the play was fantastic and we hope that it adds another memory to your bank of wonderful experiences of your time at Kilham C of E Primary School.


To watch a video of the performance clip on the Youtube link below.