Kilham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

English Plans

At Kilham CE Primary School, we have invested in the Pearson Wordsmith approach to whole-school English teaching. This is designed to help the children learn and develop the very best language skills and covers all National Curriculum requirements.

Using the Wordsmith scheme, we teach English using real books and a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts ( a lot of which are interactive and are designed to introduce the children to digital technologies). Lessons for each year group at Kilham are divided into 'units' which are either fiction, non-fiction or 'live' performance units.

Having mixed year-group classes at school, appropriate units are chosen from the relevant year group plans for each class. Year group overviews can be accessed by clicking the links below. The year 1 document is available to view at the bottom of the page as an example. In addition to these 'Wordsmith' English plans, we have devised a whole-school writing genres plan, which 'maps out' the different types of writing each class will cover over the course of the year. This can also be viewed at the bottom of the page or accessed by clicking here.

Year 1 English Overview

Year 2 English Overview

Year 3 English Overview

Year 4 English Overview

Year 5 English Overview

Year 6 English Overview